Google Reader and Yahoo Podcasting

A few interesting announcements in the RSS and podcasting world this last week in addition to the Ranchero and NewsGator deal. Dave Winer sold to Verisign, then there was the beta of Google’s RSS Reader and now, somehow more interestingly for a company that long had its own RSS reader, Yahoo Podcasts.

As always, Dave Winer has some interesting things to say about this and Yahoo, the company that, let’s not forget, is now also behind Flickr and did an awesome job of being open when creating their Media RSS module. Check out Yahoo’s instructions on how to publish a podcast and you will see that they are not afraid to mention Odeo, Podcast Alley, iTunes et al. So, I’m inclined to agree.

Podcasting may have hit the mainstream with iTunes 4.9 but it’s hardly ubiquitous and neither is RSS itself, but the last year has done a lot to change that. I expect this is going to snowball over the next year or so to the point where there will be many, many people wondering how they ever lived without RSS and how it changed the way we use the web.

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