Steve Jobs

I have seen Steve Jobs as an inspiration for my entire adult life. Obviously, in the industry I am in, I am far from alone in that. That Stanford speech he made? I’m living it, and I was when he made it, but I didn’t know back then whether I was just kidding myself. That speech didn’t just inspire me, it validated my life and helped me appreciate how fortunate I am. Watching again earlier, I felt the same. The message can apply to anyone.

“Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

I take nothing for granted. You can have all the ideas and talent and work as hard as you like, but success in any area of life always comes down to some measure of luck and timing. When you set out on the long road to make something happen, you have no idea if it will work or what people will think, but when you know your intentions are good, how could it ever be wrong?

I love what I do. Every day is potentially amazing. I owe that to him.

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