Together for iOS 1.0.1

Together for iOS 1.0.1 is now on the App Store. This version addresses the main issues since the app’s launch, along with some more minor ones. Here are the main changes:

Looking for Libraries

Version 1.0 would wait to get a list of libraries from iCloud, but sometimes the info didn’t seem to arrive. This version is far more flexible about it, showing libraries as they become available and making more rigorous attempts at downloading the information.

Opening Libraries

Where a library is taking some time to open, cancelling the process could create issues that could only be resolved by reinstalling the app. The app now better handles situations where libraries can’t be opened and, thanks to not needing to reinstall and the above changes locating libraries, you are no longer knocked back to square one, so this whole process should now be less troublesome.

Diagnostics & Tactics for Fixing Issues

One huge problem has been working out what’s going wrong where. The app now shows a Help button during the startup sequence, which can be used to access support resources and send diagnostic information. Previously this was only available in the Libraries sheet / popover after the startup sequence had been completed.

Finally, this version prevents a potential data loss scenario by ensuring all files are downloaded before moving things out of iCloud, as moving out and back in again is an approach used to resolve problems, but not one I could recommend until this was fixed.

Thank You

I am extremely grateful to everyone whose been patient and kind enough to get in touch, plug in devices and send crash reports and generally hang in there. I’ve managed to help almost everyone who’s got in touch and has not walked away so far, and I’m still at it. If you have an issue you’d like me to look into, please get in touch.

You can read about all the changes in the App Store or on the release notes page.

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  1. johannes Says:

    great work steve. thanks for hanging in there.