Together for iOS 1.0.2

The changes I made in 1.0.1 created another problem that could show duplicate libraries in the list and only one would be in sync with iCloud.

I couldn’t see a workaround that was going to happen without an awful lot of pain. As such, I had to request another expedited review, and to my relief Apple was gracious enough to grant one, so now version 1.0.2 is available on the App Store.

About the worst thing that can happen after requesting an expedited review is needing another one; expedited reviews are one-time exceptions intended for emergencies, and never guaranteed.

While the main problem 1.0.1 fixed to do with finding libraries was definitely an iOS issue that I’ll be reporting as soon as I have time, the problem fixed by 1.0.2 was all my fault, and actually an older bug in Together that would never have been triggered until today, and which wasn’t part of my testing. I can only apologise for any inconvenience.

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