Together 1.5 for iPad and iPhone

Together for iPad and iPhone IconTogether 1.5 for iPad and iPhone is available today. This version improves the document picker, working with items, and background updates for iCloud libraries, along with various other improvements.

Working with Items

Notes and any editable text stationery (rich text, plain text, etc) are now created in place instead of in a sheet, so you can access all the features you expect, and empty new notes are automatically removed when you navigate away, just like the Mac app.

You can now also create folders, groups and labels when working with those items too, so if you are in the Info popover and need a new label, you can create it there. The same applies when moving items to folders or adding items to groups.

There are a number of other improvements for working with items too. Swiping items in the list will show more options, depending on the group or list being shown, so you can remove items from a group, folder, label or favorites.

You can now also paste unformatted text into notes and rich text documents. When opening item links, Spotlight search results or using handoff, if the item isn’t in the current library, but the library is on your device, Together will offer to switch to that library and then open the item.

Document Picker

In Together 1.5, the document picker has been improved so that you can now see your tags and search for items, as in the app itself.

Together’s document picker extension was introduced in version 1.4 to access Together libraries from within other apps on your iPhone or iPad in the same way you access files on iCloud Drive. Using the document picker you can, for example, open a Pages document stored in Together’s library from within Pages. When Pages saves your changes, they’ll be sent to iCloud and updated in Together on all your Macs and iOS devices, even when Together isn’t running.


Together 1.5 will now continue sending updates to iCloud when the app isn’t active. Previously if you switched apps before Together had a chance to complete saving an item to iCloud, the changes couldn’t be saved until you opened the app again. Together can now also process incoming iCloud changes when the app isn’t active, so in most cases they’ll already be in your library by the time you switch back.

The transition to CloudKit in Together 1.4 for iOS and Together 3.5 for Mac back in January has been a huge success. Together users stored over 1 million items on iCloud in the first 60 days alone, including many large libraries (e.g. 20GB, 30GB) working smoothly across Macs and iOS devices. Now the app has control over the process, the iCloud-related issues that plagued earlier versions, such as crashes and corruption have been eliminated. Finally, iCloud is the powerful, robust and secure cloud storage platform it always promised to be.

It’s not possible to mass beta test Mac apps that use iCloud, and testing the iOS app alone wouldn’t be effective, so thanks to everyone for their patience while I’ve ironed out wrinkles and addressed oversights during the first few months.


Together 1.5 requires iOS 9 or later, costs $9.99 from the App Store and is a free update for all existing users. See the release notes for a full list of changes.

Together 3.5 for Mac is available from the Mac App Store and requires OS X El Capitan. A 15-day trial of Together for Mac is also available from this site, but does not include iCloud, because Apple restricts that to apps sold through the Mac App Store.

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