Keep It on the Mac App Store

Keep It is now available on the Mac App Store, which means there are now two ways to pay for Keep It for Mac: either with a monthly or yearly subscription from the Mac App Store, or the more traditional full version / upgrade model when purchasing directly from Reinvented Software.

Keep It for iPad and iPhone already uses the subscription model, and you can read more about the rationale for using subscription pricing here. Keep It for Mac’s subscriptions are separate to the iOS app’s subscriptions. Prices vary by region, but in the US App Store, are as follows:

iOS Mac
Monthly $0.99 $1.99
Yearly $7.99 $15.99

Each subscription comes with a 1-month free trial, which can be cancelled at no charge any time up to 24-hours before the first payment is taken. Subscriptions are intended to provide a low-cost alternative to the traditional full version / upgrade model.

Why are there separate subscriptions for Mac and iOS?

The two versions use separate subscriptions so that people only need to pay for what they use. With Keep It’s predecessor, Together, only around half of Together for Mac’s users purchased Together for iPad and iPhone.

How does the full version / upgrade model work?

You can also purchase Keep It for Mac directly from Reinvented Software using the traditional full version / upgrade model, where you buy a license for version 1, get all 1.x updates free, and then qualify for a half-price discount when Keep It version 2 is eventually released.

Keep It for Mac also uses this for upgrades from Together. A full license for Keep It v1 is $49.99, but Together 3 users can get an upgrade to Keep It v1 for $24.99, or a free upgrade if they purchased Together 3 after February 17, 2017 (i.e. during the final 6 months before Keep It was announced).

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