Apple Podcasts Links Update

Following a server-side change, links are now back in Apple Podcasts, along with bulleted lists, so Feeder 4.2.2 has been updated so that its preview reflects the latest changes.

Another change is that Apple Podcasts now includes the Episode Summary below the Description, if a summary is specified. This can mean, if you followed the link workaround recommended for Feeder to include plain text versions of your links in the Episode Summary, that your listeners will now see the information twice in both the HTML and plain text formats.

If you no longer wish to include an Episode Summary, here’s a script you can use to remove that from all your episodes quickly:

tell application "Feeder"
	set theItems to feed items of selected feed
	repeat with theItem in theItems
		set podcast summary of theItem to ""
	end repeat
end tell

To use the script:

  • Open Feeder, select the feed that you want to change
  • Open the Script Editor app
  • Copy and paste the above script into a new window
  • Click the Run button, and wait for the script to finish running
  • Check the preview in Feeder to ensure everything looks correct
  • Publish the feed

The changes may take a few hours to appear in Apple Podcasts.

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