KIT, rooSwitch and hawkeye Bargains on MacZOT

macZOTIt’s been a rollercoaster week for MacZOT regulars as they have been subjected to the psychological strain that is a StoryZOT, a new mutation of the frequent MyzteryZOTs, where the daily deal site sells a bundle of applications at a really knock-down price for a day without the buyers knowing what those apps will be.

StoryZOT has put a twist on this by running the stories of three developers for a week, promising that none of the apps have been featured on MacZOT before and throwing in a free game. For most of the week information has been slowly drip-fed while the identity of those apps remained shrouded in mystery. There did appear to be a leak on TUAW yesterday that made it onto the front page of Digg, but today all is revealed.

The three apps in question are my very own Keep It Together, rooSwitch from roobasoft and hawkeye from nito – a bundle of apps normally worth $69.85 all for $5.95.

Keep It Together rooSwitch hawkeye

You can still buy this bundle today, on the MacZOT site. The deal runs until 11:59 pm PST Saturday, September 2nd, 2006 or until it’s sold out.

Update: The offer has now sold out.

8 Responses to “KIT, rooSwitch and hawkeye Bargains on MacZOT”

  1. ubrgeek Says:

    How does it feel to have the app MacZot users are most excited about? 🙂 To be honest, I’ve never really understood the point of apps like KIT or Yojimbo, but I think that’s most likely because I’ve never really played around with them. Here’s hoping KIT changes my mind.

  2. Steve Harris Says:

    That feels good but I think the other two apps also look pretty great too. So much so that also I bought the bundle this morning! 😀

    For me, KIT is somewhere you can put anything you need to save but don’t really know what to do with it.

  3. Kyle Says:

    Very awesome app. I’d like to be able to do tagging… essentially categories but multiple categories if possible.. For example, I have a ton of files in K.I.T. for school… I’d like to be able to tag it by school, and class, and when I took it… That kinda thing. Then the ability to use them in Smart Folders.

    Thanks for doing this MyzteryZot Steve. Great little app.

  4. Steve Harris Says:

    Kyle – you won’t have to wait too long for that (hopefully!). Thanks!

  5. Sturek Says:

    Great app. I’m so happy you put it in this weels ZOT. I love it and will use it every day from now on, I’ve looked for this kind of program for a long time. I especially love how it handles Video, fantastic. I would also like to see tagging/multiple categories and I think the smart folders could be even betterr if you could include a “created/modified within the last week/month/year etc.”
    I do have a problem with realmedia videos, as they’re not recognised as video, but as documents. Maybe you could add an option to change the file type manually.
    But these are only minor problems, overall the app is fantastic. Thank you very much for providing us with this great üiece of work.

  6. Steve Harris Says:

    Sturek, I’ll definitely try and improve the smart groups, I’ve seen that sort of request a few times now, so I know people want it.

    Also, I’ll see what I can do about the Real Media. I have ideas in that department. Thanks!

  7. Sturek Says:

    Great! 😀 Thanks a lot for taking our feedback seriously. Makes me love the app even more 😉

  8. Vince LaMonica Says:

    Oh my! Read this blog entry linked from your nearly current post about MacZot and promos in general. And besides owning both of your apps, it looks like I’ll be purchasing rooSwitch too! What a cool idea and cool that you posted links to both apps. Thanks!