Podcasting a Passing Phase?

In Why Podcasting Will Fail Hadley Stern writes that he thinks podcasting is a passing phase. He may be right.

I don’t agree. While it might continue to be refined and evolve, go more commercial and may even level out in a way, in essence it’s just using the enclosure element of RSS as a delivery mechanism for audio.

So podcasting can deliver everything from an audio blog to radio on-demand, music, church sermons, news reports, or just someone screaming for five minutes. It has a multitude of uses and I believe it’s here for the foreseeable – until something better comes along.

Update: This has been followed up by Chris Seibold in Podcasts are Here to Stay (and that is a Scary Thought). I agree.

2 Responses to “Podcasting a Passing Phase?”

  1. Dave Says:

    I tried casting my pod once, but didn’t catch any fish. Am I missing the point of all this?

  2. Steve Harris Says:

    No more than Hadley Stern!