Together for iOS 1.0.2

July 30th, 2014 by Steve Harris

The changes I made in 1.0.1 created another problem that could show duplicate libraries in the list and only one would be in sync with iCloud.

I couldn’t see a workaround that was going to happen without an awful lot of pain. As such, I had to request another expedited review, and to my relief Apple was gracious enough to grant one, so now version 1.0.2 is available on the App Store.

About the worst thing that can happen after requesting an expedited review is needing another one; expedited reviews are one-time exceptions intended for emergencies, and never guaranteed.

While the main problem 1.0.1 fixed to do with finding libraries was definitely an iOS issue that I’ll be reporting as soon as I have time, the problem fixed by 1.0.2 was all my fault, and actually an older bug in Together that would never have been triggered until today, and which wasn’t part of my testing. I can only apologise for any inconvenience.

Together for iOS 1.0.1

July 29th, 2014 by Steve Harris

Together for iOS 1.0.1 is now on the App Store. This version addresses the main issues since the app’s launch, along with some more minor ones. Here are the main changes:

Looking for Libraries

Version 1.0 would wait to get a list of libraries from iCloud, but sometimes the info didn’t seem to arrive. This version is far more flexible about it, showing libraries as they become available and making more rigorous attempts at downloading the information.

Opening Libraries

Where a library is taking some time to open, cancelling the process could create issues that could only be resolved by reinstalling the app. The app now better handles situations where libraries can’t be opened and, thanks to not needing to reinstall and the above changes locating libraries, you are no longer knocked back to square one, so this whole process should now be less troublesome.

Diagnostics & Tactics for Fixing Issues

One huge problem has been working out what’s going wrong where. The app now shows a Help button during the startup sequence, which can be used to access support resources and send diagnostic information. Previously this was only available in the Libraries sheet / popover after the startup sequence had been completed.

Finally, this version prevents a potential data loss scenario by ensuring all files are downloaded before moving things out of iCloud, as moving out and back in again is an approach used to resolve problems, but not one I could recommend until this was fixed.

Thank You

I am extremely grateful to everyone whose been patient and kind enough to get in touch, plug in devices and send crash reports and generally hang in there. I’ve managed to help almost everyone who’s got in touch and has not walked away so far, and I’m still at it. If you have an issue you’d like me to look into, please get in touch.

You can read about all the changes in the App Store or on the release notes page.

Issues with Together and iCloud for iOS

July 26th, 2014 by Steve Harris

Together for iPad and iPhone has been well-received, but while it’s working perfectly for some, issues with iCloud are making it very difficult for others to open their libraries.

At the moment, the main problems are currently one of these two things:

Existing iCloud Libraries are Never Found

Together keeps an index file of its libraries, but sometimes this can fail to download from iCloud, despite a good connection, so the app just sits there “Looking for iCloud Libraries”. Why the file doesn’t download is unclear, but following Apple’s instructions to Reset Documents & Data typically solves it. Sometimes, it’s also necessary to reinstall the app, so full instructions to do this are available on the Together for iPad and iPhone Support Page.

Libraries Do Not Open

In other cases, the library appears, but cannot be opened. Similar to the above problem, Together just sits there showing “Opening iCloud Library” while waiting for iCloud.

In this case, it’s sometimes the above issue, where it’s necessary to follow Apple’s instructions to Reset Documents & Data, and sometimes it’s because the library is large, having been freshly moved to iCloud or with data imported from another app, such as Yojimbo or Evernote.

In this case, a more gradual approach appears to work, where you first create an empty library, open that on iPhone/iPad and then import the data. Again, full instructions to do this are available on the Together for iPad and iPhone Support Page.

Differences Between Mac and iOS

Together for Mac has been syncing successfully with iCloud for over a year now, and although not flawless, the only real issue that sometimes occurs is that syncing stops. In this case, moving the library out of and back into iCloud usually solves it.

iCloud on iOS works differently to Mac. On Mac, everything is downloaded automatically, whereas on iOS things are only downloaded on demand. In theory, this makes sense and isn’t much of a difference provided you have a reliable internet connection. The reality has been very different for some people.

So far I’ve managed to help everyone who’s written to me for help (at least who haven’t walked away), and sometimes the problems just seem to clear up, suddenly and mysteriously.

While the app has its inevitable 1.0 teething problems, at the moment there aren’t actually any bugs to fix related to the above problems, but now I am aware of the unique ways iCloud on iOS can go wrong and finding reliable solutions, I can at least advise people quickly and tweak the app to handle some of these unexpected scenarios better.

I intend to submit updates to both apps next week to deal with the issues reported so far that I can fix, along with changes to better handle the above scenarios.

If you are experiencing any difficulties, please get in touch. It’s especially important to do so if the instructions do not work for you, as this will mean it’s something I haven’t yet encountered.

OS X Yosemite Public Beta

July 25th, 2014 by Steve Harris

Yesterday, Apple made the Public Beta of OS X Yosemite available.

The current status of Reinvented Software apps is that they will run on Yosemite, but may not look very nice, there may be issues I don’t know about yet and it is unlikely much work will be finished on the apps before the Yosemite’s release later in the year, not least because iOS 8 is rumoured to launch a month beforehand, and so that takes priority (BTW, it’s great basing your work schedule entirely on guesswork).

One particular issue with Yosemite and iOS 8 that will affect Together users is iCloud. iCloud is undergoing significant changes on both Yosemite and iOS 8, and Together needs significant changes to keep working. There are even reports that just enabling iCloud Drive will stop syncing across all devices running prior versions of OS X and iOS, for example.

In short, if you run Yosemite, don’t expect anything to work, and don’t expect support or quick fixes for your problems. I simply do not have the time or resources to offer them. Thank you.

Together for iPad and iPhone 1.0

July 23rd, 2014 by Steve Harris

Together At Last

Together for iPad and iPhone is now available, bringing the features of Together for Mac to mobile devices so you can take your library with you wherever you go.

For anyone familiar with the Mac version, Together for iPad and iPhone will both look welcomingly familiar and work naturally on iPhone and iPad, with everything just a few taps away. See groups, folders and favorites in the Groups view, along with tags, labels and ratings in the Tags view. Tap any of these to see the item list, which shares its appearance with the Mac.

Together for iPad and iPhone can create notes, bookmarks, new documents from stationery for plain and rich text files, take photos and videos or import them from the camera roll. Together makes it easy to create new items from the clipboard, and can open files from other apps to add them to its library.

The app can also preview many other kinds of files, such as images and movies, PDF files, iWork documents, mail messages and more. When editing notes and rich text files, you can format text, attach photos and videos, insert links and highlight text. Together for iPhone and iPad can also encrypt and decrypt items, just as on the Mac.

Pricing & Availability

Together for iPad and iPhone 1.0 requires iOS 7.1 and later and can be purchased on the App Store at the introductory price of $9.99. It’s a universal app, so the same version will work on both iPhone and iPad.

Together for Mac

Together 3.2 from the Mac App Store is required to share libraries with Together for iPad and iPhone, as only Mac App Store apps can use iCloud. Existing Together users who’ve purchased Together 3.0 or later from the Mac App Store will automatically get Together 3.2 as a free upgrade.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to transfer licenses to the Mac App Store version, but if you have purchased Together 3 for Mac directly from Reinvented Software in the last 120 days and would like to transfer to the Mac App Store version, please get in touch.

For everyone else, Together 3.2 on the Mac App Store will be half-price at $19.99 for one month following its release.

More Info

Get more information about this release on the Together for iPad and iPhone product page, and answers to frequently asked questions on the Support page (will be updated with the latest info as needed).