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Create and publish RSS and
iTunes podcast feeds

Feeder is an application for creating, editing and publishing RSS feeds on Mac OS X. Whether it's a news feed for your site or a podcast, Feeder makes it simple.

Get Started Quickly

Getting started with Feeder is easy. Create a new feed using a templates, download feeds from the web site or import existing files. From then on, creating content for your feed as straightforward as writing email, so you will know instinctively what to do.

Perfect for Podcasters

Feeder has everything you need to create and publish podcasts, including full support for the iTunes Podcasting, iTunes U extensions and the ability to include Flattr auto-submit URLs for micropayments. Drag and drop media files to add enclosures, Feeder can automatically tag and add artwork all popular podcast file types including MP3s, M4As, M4Vs and QuickTime movies. Check how your podcast will look in the iTunes Store with Feeder's iTunes Preview.

Easy Editing

With Feeder, editing items in your feed is as straightforward as writing an email and it's easy to add links and images to enrich your content. Feeder can also auto-complete from previous entries to save you typing. So you can be sure everything in your feed looks good before publishing, Feeder has a comprehensive preview where you can check images, test links and proofread text.

Powerful Publishing

Feeder can publish your feed using FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV or to folders to disk and will upload the feed, any enclosure files and images with a single click. Feeds can be also scheduled for publication and Feeder can even wake your computer from sleep for unattended operation.

Post to Your Blog, Share on the Web

Also when publishing, Feeder can post items from your feed to a blog, and update the items with the relevant blog links. Feeder will also update blog entries it has published when you change items and publish your feed. Feeder can also announce your new content on Twitter and Facebook automatically after publishing your feed.

Sparkle Appcasting

Feeder's versatility also extends to Sparkle appcasts. Sparkle is a popular framework used by software developers to provide self-updating applications and uses RSS feeds to deliver the updates. Feeder can be used to create these appcast feeds, including full support for the Sparkle tags, can also automatically generate MD5 sums and DSA signatures and preview release notes exactly as seen by the user.