Safari 1.3 and feed:// protocol

Something of an unexpected consequence of the forthcoming Safari RSS support on Tiger and Mac OS X 10.3.9 is that Safari 1.3 has changed the way it handles the feed:// URI scheme. Clicking on a feed:// link (like the RSS one at the bottom of this blog page) now produces a warning like this:

Safari 1.3 Feed Protocol Warning

Or in other words, Safari is saying “I can’t handle these feed:// links, and I won’t let any other application handle it either”. How very useful! Before, clicking a feed:// link would open an appropriate newsreader application to subscribe to the feed. These apps generally ask permission to handle the feed:// protocol first time you run them. Will they have a choice on Tiger? I hope they change this soon.

Update: You are able to configure which application handles RSS feeds in Tiger – apparently! 😉 So, if they just sort out this Safari 1.3 situation, it will save a lot of headaches.

Update to the Update: On Surfin’ Safari, Dave Hyatt says:

The feed URL dialog that tells you 10.4 must be installed to view RSS feeds is simply a bug and not part of a master plan for global domination.

That’s a relief!

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