Yet Another Reason to Use Feeds

Moving home is a pain and one of the most annoying things at the moment is that I don’t have broadband internet or even a phone line in the new place until the end of this week, so currently I’m borrowing my friends’ internet connection during the daytime and in return I do things like wash dishes, random bits of shopping and, er, provide the entertainment.

Anyway, being completely cut off from the world is not exactly ideal when you run an online business, so I have a backup plan – I use the WAP GPRS connection on my Bluetooth phone as a modem. The downside to this is I get roughly dial-up speeds (48 Kbps) and it costs 0.5 pence per kilobyte. I don’t use it often but I do check emails to make sure there are no crises and hit the refresh button in NetNewsWire.

This gives me much of my dose of daily news and blogs, especially with the feeds that have all the content and not just a summary. It’s also largely a graphics-free, advert-free experience, which saves on those costly KBs.

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