Eeeeep! Classic Mac OS Sounds

I know they’re old-fashioned, but I really miss some of the system sounds that came with Mac OS 9 and earlier. They were lots of fun.

Fortunately, someone has converted them to AIFFs (along with some other formats) and you can download them all as the Mac OS Classic Sound Pack.

I’m a Wild Eep man myself. I like the way your Mac sounds slightly offended when you do something wrong and anxious when it needs to tell you something.

9 Responses to “Eeeeep! Classic Mac OS Sounds”

  1. Craig Baker Says:

    I, too, am a wild eep man, and I’ve been trying to find it again for a long time! Could you send it to me? Your connotation of an irked machine was EXACTLY why I liked it!

  2. Nakimi Says:

    thank you thank you thank you!!!! (^___^)

    i am forever grateful as I have been looking for the “Quack” sound to put in my OS X machine!!!

  3. Tony Di Pietro Says:

    thank you thank you! i was looking all over for this. this guy in my office can actually make most of these sounds with his voice, but it’s not quite the same. thanks again for the link!

  4. Katie Says:

    We’ ve recently been collecting loads of Mac OS System sounds including Newton, eWorld, and of course Chimes of Death. They’re all at:

  5. Jason Weill Web Productions » Blog Archive » Wild Eep! Says:

    […] I am happy tonight. My PowerBook now eeps with displeasure. I found a link to the Mac OS Classic Sound Pack which includes all the classic sound effects that, for whatever reason, never got incorporated into Mac OS X. […]

  6. gordon Says:

    Looking for the Wild EEP sound for my pc… it anyware on a wav file?

  7. Steve Harris Says:

    They are also saved as WAVs in the sound pack.

  8. Kostas Says:

    Nice job people! Too bad the site provided for more sounds is not opening 🙁

  9. Maléfix Says:

    Hey u all, does any1 have the Tiger sounds for win? plz write!