After the Expo

I had a great time at the Expo, met lots of people including some of the big names in podcasting. Far too many to mention, in fact, but for some shameless name dropping how about Adam Curry, Madge Weinstein, Dawn and Drew (and Moongirl), CC Chapman, Adam Christianson, Paul Figgiani, Swoopy, Soccergirl, Eric Rice, Michael Geoghagen, Brother Love, Michael Butler, oh the list goes on and on!

It wasn’t just podcasters and Madge’s stylists at the Expo, I seemed to bump into journalists, listeners, business-types and other developers. I also did lunch with Podcast Maker developers Andy and Jin from Potion Factory – thanks to them for making that happen!

Anyway, there are tons of photo from the Expo on Flickr, check ’em out here.

2 Responses to “After the Expo”

  1. Andy Kim Says:

    Yo Steve!
    Took a look at the photos. Looks like we missed out on all the fun at the party. Oh well. Look forward to seeing you again sometime. I hope it will be less awkward next time 🙂

  2. Steve Harris Says:

    Andy, no worries, I turned awkward into an artform at the Expo!

    The parties were definitely where it was going on – and looking at some of those photos I got off lightly 😉