Mentions on MacCast, Daily Source Code, The.Point, Leo’s KFI Show

I get a great mention on the 11.16.2005 MacCast about 5 minutes in. I met Adam Christianson at the Podcast Expo and it’s funny because he says he was thrilled to meet me! Well, I was thrilled to meet him – and it was cool that it came about quite by coincidence. That’s the problem with podcasting, unless podcasters have been snapped for magazine articles or get on TV (like Dawn and Drew) you don’t really know what anybody looks like. I expected Adam to look, I don’t know, more like a geek! He’s a really great guy and we talked for ages. Anyway, listen to that whole show and it sounds like Adam met just about everyone!

Also, I’ve mentioned that I met Adam Curry (that other Adam, yeah) at the Expo and told him that I flew with Virgin Atlantic for the first time, because the Gate Gourmet strikes were crippling British Airways at the time and he was raving about Virgin Atlantic on his show, so I decided to check them out. He asked for some audio feedback, so I sent that in and you can hear it on DSC #281.

I actually recorded two versions (OK, twenty-two) and I was hoping Adam would be able to use the better, second version that I posted where I didn’t “um” so much, but he didn’t – and the audio fucked-up on his show too, but that wasn’t my problem. This audio business is hard, especially when, like me, you talk about as badly as you type but have no delete key – you podcasters are welcome to it!

I also get a mention on The.Point No. 43 – no surprises that I met Paul Figgiani as I was originally set to do a Feeder demo during his session (but I decided not to). Sounds like Paul met some very interesting people too.

Someone I actually didn’t get to meet was Leo Laporte, despite wanting to and despite Leo wanting to meet me. He and Adam Christianson mentioned Feeder on Leo’s KFI Show #195, which was broadcast live from the Expo.

So there you go – famous at last! 😉

One Response to “Mentions on MacCast, Daily Source Code, The.Point, Leo’s KFI Show”

  1. Adam Christianson Says:

    I love Google alerts.

    Steve, I WAS really thrilled to meet you at the Expo. It was so great to be able to meet face to face and have a drink or two (or more ;)). It is no lie when I say your hard work has saved me literally hours. Keep up the great work on Feeder.

    Your friend,