Updated iTunes Spec and, er, Another One

By pure chance I just noticed that the latest iTunes RSS specification at the usual URL has now been updated to one with the date 2005-10-06, which doesn’t seem quite as recent as the one dated 2005-10-20 that we saw on the Apple Syndication Dev mailing list.

However, the one at the usual URL, is no longer the most recent or the one you see when you click the “Technical Specifications” link in the “Submit a Podcast” page in iTunes itself. That now links to this page, last updated 2005-12-07. No changes to the tags themselves, as far as I can see, just a better presented document with more information. There is also a FAQ here.

I was going to post this after posting to the Syndication Dev List, with the usual “this has been updated and nobody has mentioned it!” rantette, but list moderator Ernie beat me to it.

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