KIT Featured on LifeHacker

KIT was featured as a download of the day on LifeHacker.

Drag and drop images, movies and office documents into KIT and create file groups, like per project or topic. One file can live in several groups. KIT indexes files when they are added and offers as-you-type search. Instant preview of PDF, Word, HTML, sound, image and movie files appears within the KIT interface. Overall, KIT sounds like it works the way the file system should.

KIT has received a lot more attention since Bare Bones released Yojimbo, which shares many similarities with KIT. People like Yojimbo, and it’s been, er, entertaining reading comments where people say “if only someone had thought of this before!”.

In some ways this has made me realise that KIT was quite ahead of its time but I have lacked the marketing clout to get it noticed out there. KIT 1.1 was released in 2004 and is due an update, but the whole podcasting revolution has kept me very occupied with Feeder for the last year.

I’ll be working on a new version of KIT after releasing Feeder 1.3 in the very near future.

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