Boot Camp / Parallels

I have resisted posting something about Boot Camp because what can I write that hasn’t already been written?

I’ve been Windows-clean now for almost 3 years, apart from the PC you use to find stuff in Borders bookstore and those temperamental touchscreen kiosks with messages saying “The file C:\whatever\something32.dll cannot be found”.

I’m more interested in Parallels because it keeps Windows in its own window and goes along with what I wrote when the whole Intel transition was announced in the first place (last but one paragraph).

There are lots of debates going on about whether Boot Camp is a good or bad thing, but let’s face it, it was inevitable that we should have Windows running on Macs after the transition to Intel, whether or not that was endorsed by Apple.

I see it as being very good for Apple’s market share just because it will make the transition a lot less daunting for some people and that must be good for all of us.

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