London Podcaster Meetup

Yesterday I attended the London Podcaster Meetup (aka “Draught and Darts”) for British podcasters and the like to meet Adam Curry and it was good. I got to meet lots of British podcasters I’d heard of and some I hadn’t. I didn’t play any darts though, which is just as well as I would probably have somebody’s eye out.

It was also great to meet Feeder user Don McAllister from ScreenCastsOnline and the EuroMac Podcast. You may recall a post on this blog about him quitting his day job to do podcasting full time by providing premium content to paying subscribers. That seems to be working out so far, which is excellent as he’s pioneering this model of earning a living for his work (as far as I know).

I had already met Adam Curry at the Podcast Expo in California last year, but it was good to be able to talk for longer this time about things that actually concern me. I also met PodShow boss Ron Bloom and we had a very long chat about all sorts of things, including Mac software for podcasters.

Oh, and if you’re ever looking for some independent British music, check out the BURBs site and podcast – Barry himself told me it was very much like John Peel‘s old show, which should be quite something.

I wasn’t sure whether to go to this event, but I’m glad I did. It’s always good to meet podcasters (whether or not they use my software!) and what a great bunch these were. Shame Roger Smalls wasn’t there… or was he? 😉

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