Voice Candy 1.0

Here is something new and different. Voice Candy by Potion Factory is a fun and useful audio recorder with a number of tricks up its sleeve.

Voice Candy by Potion Factory

With Voice Candy you can record your own voice, enhanced with up to 8 different built-in effects, and then use that recording in a number of ways: you can set a reminder, attach it to an email, send it to iTunes and put it on your iPod or just save it to your desktop. You can also extend Voice Candy’s built-in actions with AppleScripts, so the possibilities become endless.

What makes Voice Candy really special is its implementation. It looks amazing, is simple to use and is just dripping in thoughtful touches. Recording can be started and stopped instantly from within any application using a global hot key, reminders can be recurring and Voice Candy can even wake your Mac from sleep to show a reminder.

More than anything, it’s just lots of fun. I know, because I’ve been lucky enough to beta test it for the last few weeks. Go to the Potion Factory website to see for yourself.

Congratulations to Andy and Jin at Potion Factory for such an excellent new release!

One Response to “Voice Candy 1.0”

  1. ade Says:

    It IS a superb bit of software. I’m dead impressed.
    Nice one guys! 😀