KIT on NeatLittleMacApps Podcast

NeatLittleMacApps LogoKIT is reviewed on this week’s NeatLittleMacApps podcast with Frank de Graeve. If you’re currently experiencing a mild case of deja vu, that’s because you may recall Feeder reviewed on the same podcast not too long ago.

Don’t think this is some cliquey arrangement with Frank whereby he reviews both my apps; Frank told me he went looking for such an app and wound up back here, at Reinvented Software. 😀

It’s another good review, Frank gives KIT quite a good going over and really gets the app. Frank always gives some developer feedback, in this case he first finds a bug creating a new library (not sure when this popped up, I’ll get it fixed soon!) and also wants KIT to search inside files.

KIT actually does that with as many file types as Spotlight can index – you choose All Contents from the search menu – so I guess I need to make that clearer and add an option to only search the contents. Oh well!

Search KIT files

Also, if you listen to the podcast, there’s a chance to win one of three free copies and a special discount code (which is quite funny) if you don’t. In fact, just about every episode lately has had free copies or some special deal. NeatLittleMacApps is a neat little podcast that quickly showcases a different app each week and Frank’s easy style and warm sense of humour make it a pleasure. Check it out and tell all your friends! 😉

Sounds like NLMA is doing well in the iTunes Technology Top 100 also, so keep it up, Frank, and good luck with building that house!

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