KIT 1.2.3 & Backup QuickPick Now Available

KIT 1.2.3 was released yesterday and deals with most outstanding issues since MacZOT a week ago; I have a few less-urgent changes lined up for a 1.2.4 release and plenty of feature requests for the future.

QuickPickJitesh Vallabh has made a KIT QuickPick for Apple’s Backup app, which I’ve put into an installer that you can download from the KIT features and download pages, or here: KITBackupQuickPick.dmg (15k)

This QuickPick will backup your KIT preferences and library unless a custom folder location has been chosen.

5 Responses to “KIT 1.2.3 & Backup QuickPick Now Available”

  1. Darrin Says:

    How do I use this backup for KIT. After installing it I dont see any options.

  2. Steve Harris Says:

    After installing, you should see a QuickPick in Apple’s Backup app:

  3. Darrin Says:

    Lauched backup and dont have it listed in there? I guess I could always just add the library folder to it manually. Is that the same?

  4. Steve Harris Says:

    You should see it if you create a custom and go to choose a QuickPick, like this:

    Adding the Library folder would be much the same. The QuickPick also backs up its preferences file – ~/Library/Preferences/com.reinvented.KIT.plist

  5. Darrin Says:

    ahhh. I see. Thanks for the pic. Im newb to mac and still dont know my way around all the mac apps yet. Thanks. Im having fun messing with this right now during the trial. I think it might be useful for organizing a bunch of files that Im using for a project. Seems to have the nice, easy to use, fluid interface as Feeder which was my first app I purchased on my mac. Love it!