KIT 1.2.4, PithHelmet and OmniWeb’s Site Preferences

Some KIT users are surprised that KIT doesn’t respect their PithHelmet settings or have asked for support for PithHelmet when creating web archives. PithHelmet is a plugin that can block ads, Flash, etc on web pages – however, PithHelmet only works with Safari. OmniWeb includes similar functionality where you can set preferences for individual sites and KIT won’t respect them either.

When KIT creates a web archive, it downloads the files itself. While it could have preferences for blocking things like Flash, Java and animated images, replicating the functionality of PithHelmet in KIT would be an ordeal. One alternative is to create the web archive in Safari or OmniWeb and add that to KIT.

Another alternative, introduced with KIT 1.2.4, is to drag or copy the text from the web page to KIT. Note that this won’t produce perfect results for whole pages as some page elements (usually background graphics) are not selectable in the first place, however if you only actually want to keep a particular portion of the web page and want to know its original URL, this can be an ideal solution.

4 Responses to “KIT 1.2.4, PithHelmet and OmniWeb’s Site Preferences”

  1. Alan Schmitt Says:

    Great idea this drag and drop thing. I’ll definitely use it.

  2. Mike Says:

    Smart groups are not working for me in 1.2.4 as far as indexing the contents of notes. I have reinstalled OS X 10.4.7 and reindexed KIT, but I still cannot use smart groups with note contents. Do I need to do anything else to index my notes?

  3. Steve Harris Says:

    Mike, KIT’s smart groups don’t yet have the capability of searching contents, although this will be added in the future. Thanks.

  4. sjk Says:

    Late to the party …

    Just wanted to mention NetNewsWire has limited support for PithHelmet (i.e. only in HTML headline panes, not tab browser panes). A couple years ago Mike Solomon told me “PithHelmet can work with any WebKit application”. Even though the possibility exists apparently it’s not a trivial task, at least for apps of developers I’ve asked (e.g. DEVONtechnologies for DEVONthink).