MacSanta Very Successful

The MacSanta offer is now over, and with 104 participants from from the smallest developers to big hitters like the OmniGroup and Macworld magazine it looked to be a great success, too.

I know my sales practically doubled last week, when normally things would be slowing down for the holidays (always scary, that). Thanks to everyone who participated, bought, blogged, dugg or told their friends.

Full credit belongs to Paul Kafasis at Rogue Amoeba for setting up and running such a successful event. Thanks, Paul!

One Response to “MacSanta Very Successful”

  1. Geoff Says:

    Good job! MacSanta was an excellent idea!

    I wish I’d gotten in on the deal, especially for KIT. But I’ll get KIT eventually– much later than I’d prefer, unfortunately. Not that I think it’s overpriced! I just have too many other expenses to buy software for myself right now.