Changing Spots

I’ve been using the retail copy of Leopard for half a day now and it seems pretty solid, plus the latest versions of my apps don’t appear to have any problems, which is good to know.

Just about every review I’ve read says that Leopard is more evolution than revolution and is focused on the gloss, but Leopard must be the biggest release for developers that I can remember. Even apart from the headline features like Core Animation, Apple has added plenty that makes putting the basics of an application together so much easier and have addressed a slew of issues and unimplemented features that have been outstanding for years. This is great news for consistency and will help beginner and established developers alike.

I see Leopard as straddling two phases in the life of Mac OS X, marking the end of the first chapter and the start of a new one. When 10.0 was released, it wasn’t truly finished. 10.1 maybe achieved that but it wasn’t until 10.2 Jaguar that Mac OS X was truly usable. Panther was the first to really add more substance and Tiger was an obvious continuation of that.

Leopard doesn’t exactly launch us into the future, but we can get a glimpse. I think it’s the most refined release to date. Although I wish they had done better in some areas, they have at least put plenty of work into the substance of OS X and this is going to pay off handsomely in the long-term. Expect to see many great new apps and new versions of apps for Leopard.

One Response to “Changing Spots”

  1. Andy Kim Says:

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head when you said that Leopard marks the beginning of a new phase of Mac OS X. There’s a lot of technologies introduced and discontinued with Leopard that really drives this point home. I don’t think we’ll see the full effects of 64 bit support, the beginning of the end of Carbon, resolution independence, QTKit and the lack of C QuickTime API in 64 bit until 10.6. Then of course, there’s Core Animation, which can only get better as video cards improve and developers can use it to its full potential.