The Hit List 1.0

The Hit List iconAndy Kim has finally announced the release of the final version of The Hit List 1.0 for Mac, and The Hit List Sync Service, with The Hit List for iPhone awaiting Apple’s approval.

I’ve been helping to test all these of these for the last six months, and I can say that it’s truly worth the wait.

Too often with Mac apps that have iOS counterparts, something is released that turns out to be a disappointment. Not so with these two apps and the incredible sync service that ties them both together, providing seamless over-the-air syncing for THL between your Macs and iPhone no matter where you or they are.

What Andy has done is not only created an amazing Mac app, but a just-as-amazing phone app and an incredible sync service to tie them all together. This is a gargantuan task for a single developer, one that could not have been estimated, but the result is sweet because it just works so well.

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