Exporting Encrypted Items from Together

Keep It does not encrypt files. To secure your startup disk, you can use FileVault. Also note that iCloud encrypts all files in transit and when stored on an iCloud server.

If you have encrypted items in Together, you can move them to another app. For text files, you can use Notes. Keychain Access should be used for passwords, or you could use another password manager such as 1Password. If you choose the iCloud keychain in Keychain Access, your passwords will be available across your Macs and iOS devices.

When Importing a Together Library into Keep It

Together will prompt to decrypt items when exporting files for Keep It to import. If you chose to skip that, those items will not be imported.

You can then export the items from Together. To see all encrypted items in one place, create a smart group:

  • Choose File > New > Smart Group from the menu
  • From the leftmost pop-up, choose “Encrypted”
  • Give the smart group a name and click Save

You can then either view each of the items in turn to copy the information somewhere else, or decrypt and export them.

If you intend to decrypt the items and export them so that they can be imported into another application, the items will disappear from the smart group as soon as they are decrypted, so create a new group with the items:

  • Select the smart group in the sidebar
  • Select all the items in the smart group
  • Ctrl-click or right-click the items
  • Choose Add To > New Bundle from the menu
  • Give the group a recognizable name
  • Remove the original smart group

You can then decrypt the items by choosing File > Library > Decrypt All Items from the menu.

Exporting Decrypted Items

Once decrypted, you can export the items by dragging the group to the Finder or by selecting the group and choosing File > Export Files from the menu.

Importing in Notes

  • In Notes, choose File > Import to Notes from the menu
  • Select the folder you exported from Together
  • Click Import

Once imported, navigate to the imported notes and click the lock icon in the toolbar to encrypt them.