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Poster Discontinued

Friday, March 31st, 2017

Feeder IconPoster has now been discontinued. Unfortunately, Poster never made enough money to support itself, and over six years later it’s struggled to make back even a quarter of its costs. Looking ahead, the app is going to need a lot more work to keep it going, and it’s impossible to imagine that will pay off.

If you’re one of the two people who purchased the app in the last 90 days (i.e. this year), you’re welcome to ask for a refund via the support address in your registration codes email. Unfortunately, I cannot do anything for the four people who purchased it from the Mac App Store this year.

The app got one final update today to ensure Facebook support keeps working for as long as possible, and it will remain available for download in the Mac App Store’s purchases tab, along with the direct version on this site via the app’s page. On Macs, backwards compatibility is largely based on the OS version the app was built on, which in Poster’s case is 10.12.4, so it should keep working for a while to come.

Poster and Photos for OS X

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

Now that Apple has released Photos for OS X, it seems a good time to mention that Poster 1.4 and later can work with it to send your photos and videos to Flickr, SmugMug and Facebook (including Facebook pages you administer) using its Share extension.

Post to Poster used in Photos for OS X

Back when OS X Yosemite was released, Poster’s export plugins for iPhoto and Aperture stopped working, causing some upset for Poster users. Apple had previously announced those apps were discontinued and did not add support for Yosemite’s Share extensions to them.

As a brand new app, Photos fully utilises Share extensions. If you have Poster installed, “Post with Poster” will appear in the list of services when you click the Share button. If you don’t see it, click More to enable Post with Poster in System Preferences. Poster’s extension lets you choose an account, then sends the photos to Poster for you to work on as normal.

Reinvented Software Apps on Mountain Lion

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Apple is releasing OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion today. Current Reinvented Software apps will work fine on 10.8. In addition, all three apps either already have, or will have, additional support for OS X 10.8 specific technologies.

Note that older versions of Feeder 1.x and KIT 1.x no longer work on 10.8, see the previous post about this for more information.

Together 2.6.1

Together iconWhen used on OS X 10.8, Together 2.6.1 will show an additional “Share” toolbar item (and corresponding Share submenu in the Items menu) for using the built-in sharing services, such as Twitter, Mail, etc.

Together will also post notifications to the new Notification Center (instead of show Growl alerts). This version is currently available both from this site and the Mac App Store.

Feeder 2.3.3

Feeder iconSimilar to Together, when used on OS X 10.8, Feeder 2.3.3 will show additional items in its Share toolbar and menu items and will also post notifications to the Notification Center instead of Growl. This version is currently only available from this site; the Mac App Store version has been awaiting review for the last two weeks.

Poster 1.3

Poster IconPoster is a Mac App Store-only app and version 1.3 has been awaiting review for the last two weeks, so this version is not currently available.

Once version 1.3 has been approved, Poster will also use the Notification Center instead of Growl on 10.8. Also on 10.8, once posting is complete, a Share button will be shown for sharing various links through the built-in sharing services. You will be able to choose which link to share, such as an individual photo, album or Flickr set.

Poster Now Mac App Store Only

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Poster is now available exclusively on the Mac App Store. There is still a 15-day demo available to download from this site, but it cannot be activated with a registration code and will not run after the demo period expires. Existing users have been transitioned to the Mac App Store version.

As my newest app, Poster was released a month or so before the Mac App Store went live. So few licenses have been sold through my site that it is not worth maintaining two versions of the app.

Also, unlike my other apps, Poster has never had educational or bulk discounts, and since the Mac App Store gained promo codes, I haven’t needed to worry about NFR licenses either. Now the Mac App Store is available worldwide, it’s my hope that making this transition will not inconvenience anyone.

Poster 1.2

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Poster IconPoster 1.2 is available both on this site and the Mac App Store today. This version gets an updated user interface design, improvements when posting to Facebook and SmugMug and the ability to export faces from iPhoto and Aperture. Poster on the Mac App Store is now a sandboxed application on 10.7 and later.


On SmugMug, Poster now supports using subcategories and allows the creation of user categories and subcategories when creating galleries. Poster now also supports uploading images to SmugVault, if your account has that enabled, so rather than be restricted to just JPEG, PNG and GIF files, just about any image format can be uploaded and will be recognized on SmugMug’s servers as belonging to your SmugVault.


For Facebook, it’s now possible to use friend lists such as “Close Friends” when posting to personal accounts. Poster will show all the lists associated with your account once you give it permission to access those lists. You’ll be prompted for this next time you create a new upload. Poster can also post videos to pages, now that Facebook has made this possible.


There are no visible changes for Flickr, but all the communication with Flickr’s servers has been changed to use OAuth instead of Flickr’s own authentication scheme. In practice this shouldn’t make any difference apart from when you authorize Poster on Flickr in a web browser, you will return to the app automatically. Flickr is moving to using OAuth authentication exclusively from June, so this ensures Poster will continue to work after then.


Poster has export plug-ins for iPhoto and Aperture which can be downloaded separately. These have been updated to export faces from your photos when you’re posting to Flickr or Facebook (SmugMug doesn’t support tagging people in photos). The plug-ins have also been updated to work with the sandboxed version of Poster on the Mac App Store, so you need the latest versions if you are running that version.

And More…

There are many more minor new features and improvements in Poster 1.2, see the release notes for a full list. Poster is available from this site or the Mac App Store and requires Mac OS X 10.6 and later. A 15-day trial is available on the Poster Downloads page. Poster costs $19.95.