Meet the Boss

I often talk about Reinvented Software as being just me. This isn’t quite true. Apart from the close friends and family that support me and put up with my rants day and night, I should mention some souls for their active participation.

For Feeder, friend and fellow Mac developer Hans Kim helped me thrash out usability and testing issues – thanks Hans! An always-present member of the team, albeit in a purely supervisory role, is Beth the cat. Her full name is (probably) Princess Bethan “Bunny” Boos (although she has many other titles) and that should give some indication as to her character.

See how she poses for the camera:

Bethan the Cat

Class, beauty and distinction are gifts presented at birth; they cannot be attained. Beth knows this and expects to be brought a succession of tasty nibbles, have all the best places to sit and plenty of petting and grooming throughout the day (the grooming is actually for furball-prevention purposes, but we don’t tell her that). She knows that she deserves nothing less. Like many well-heeled individuals, in her spare time – which is all of it – Beth enjoys country walks and a spot of hunting. Those tiger stripes conceal her from her quarry, which doesn’t stand a chance.

When you purchase “our” software, you are helping to keep Beth in the manner in which she is determined to remain accustomed, while hopefully saving the lives of many less fortunate small furry creatures.

3 Responses to “Meet the Boss”

  1. ade Says:

    Ah! – good to finally see the brains (and looks) behind the operation at last.
    So – let me get this right: sales of KIT and FEEDER will help FEED the KITTY? … (*groan* – sorry!)

  2. Beth Says:

    Collect your things on the way out!
    – Beth

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