I am 30 years old today, born on a snowy afternoon in the middle of April 1975. It doesn’t usually snow in April in the UK and that was followed by one of the hottest summers ever. Today, the weather is thankfully a little better, but not much!

It’s a strange birthday; no “life begins at…” type sayings or other things to make you feel better, and now I will have to get used to choosing another option on pop-ups like this:

So instead, I find myself approving of pop-ups like this:

Everyone is being very kind, speaking softly, almost sympathetic. Indeed, you can sense the compassion. “Poor boy,” they must be saying amongst themselves, “he’s 30 today”.

But it’s OK. I’ve come to realise I’ve barely completed the first act. Not everything in my world is rosy at the moment – when is it ever? – but I’ve never been so happy and get the feeling the best is yet to come!

3 Responses to “Thirtysomething”

  1. Claire Says:

    Happy Birthday Steve! 😀

  2. Hans Kim Says:

    This posting made me think twice. After all my personal attacks, denouncing your achievements–including your having turned 30, and warning you of the harsh reality of first three-week honeymoon period, you say “Everyone is being very kind, speaking softly, almost sympathetic.”

    You’ve definitely earned your thirtysomething-ness, Steve-o. Welcome back to the gang!

  3. Claire Says:

    Don’t worry Hans – we were only being nice because it was his actual birthday. Now it no longer is, and we’ve finished celebrating, we’ll go back to the normal ‘Cutting Remarks’!