Feeder: The Story Behind the Insert Image Icon

Feeder's Insert Image Toolbar IconThe great thing about this blog is I get to write about things in my applications that would otherwise remain shrouded in mystery and pretend that they are important.

Take the “Insert Image” toolbar icon in Feeder – you’d be amazed the lengths we at Reinvented Software will go to source an image. The icon is actually a scaled-down and cropped version of the photo shown below, taken at the beach in Corona Del Mar, Orange County, California in Summer 2002.

Corona Del Mar, Summer 2002

When it came to doing this toolbar icon, I was looking for a real photo to use and originally wanted a sunset or something similar to iPhoto’s icon. Although I have similar shots, some also from the same location, none of them seemed to work as well as this.

One Response to “Feeder: The Story Behind the Insert Image Icon”

  1. Hans Kim Says:

    That is one hell of a crop you did. My design teacher always said cropping out the unnecessary is what makes a true designer true. I will have to add: proper rotation is what makes a true designer genius!