Mini Blog Reorg / OCD

I have decided to reorganise my blog a little with new categories for Feeder and KIT, since many of the posts didn’t really fit that well in Software Development, because they were me blowing my own trumpet (pardon?). I’ve also added a Syndication category to deal with all things to do with RSS, RDF, Atom, etc.

Riveting post this, innit?

The problem, dear reader, is that I have been doing my accounts all day in readiness for my tax return, which means I’ve been up to my eyeballs in paper, stapling things together and filing stuff away. Being ultra-organised doesn’t really suit me, but once I get the bug I can’t stop. Now even our four cats are lined up in chronological and alphabetical order and held together with an elastic band.

I think I need help.

4 Responses to “Mini Blog Reorg / OCD”

  1. Claire Says:

    Next thing you’ll be making lists, and then lists of your lists. Don’t fight your inner Virgo! You knows you loves it 😉

  2. Steve Harris Says:


    Screenshot of lots of OmniOutliner documents and iCal To Do items

  3. Claire Says:

    The force is strong with this one! (or something…)

  4. Steve Harris Says:

    I don’t LOL much in public, but LOL!!!! 😉