Report A Bug Friday – #4243867

#4243867 – Safari’s RSS viewer uses GUID as Read More link when isPermaLink is false.

I’ve joined in the fun with Report-an-Apple-Bug Friday, the gist of mine being that Safari’s RSS viewer will use the value of an item’s GUID when its isPermaLink attribute is “false”. Only when isPermaLink is true or the isPermaLink attribute is omitted should the value of the guid tag be considered a URL according to the RSS spec.

I had a couple of reports from Feeder users that this was happening to their feeds in Safari. By default, Feeder generates GUIDs to help newsreaders uniquely identify items in a feed. This can be disabled (in the Feed Settings drawer) but won’t solve the problem for existing items; a better workaround is to give each item in a feed an Article Link, even if it’s just to your home page.

You can see other reported bugs on the applebugfriday tag on

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