More on Feeder 1.2.2

I released Feeder 1.2.2 yesterday. This version is more like the Feeder 1.2 I originally planned before iTunes 4.9 came charging in with its podcasting extensions. I’m really happy with this version.

One cool feature request that came quite late in the day was to support Ranchero’s External Weblog Editor interface so news items can be sent to Feeder using “Post to Weblog” in NetNewsWire. I thought I’d have to defer this until the next release but when I looked into it I could see it was so simple to do, I coded and tested it in all of 30 minutes.

Feeder isn’t a blog editor, but quite a few people have written in saying they want to use it to post RSS feeds on their sites with links to news on other sites that they’re interested in – actual syndication. Feeder already supported the RSS clipboard format for drag and drop / cut and paste, but this weblog editor interface is much more convenient – just choose “Post to Weblog” in NetNewsWire and the item is added to the selected feed in Feeder. You also get more information than the clipboard format.

Apart from NetNewsWire, I know that PulpFiction and Shrook support this interface and Feeder works well with them. NewsFire supports the interface too, but rather than let you choose a blog editor in an Open panel, it has a preset list and Feeder obviously isn’t on it.

I might do a Feeder tips post sometime soon. There is lots of stuff in there people probably don’t know about.

2 Responses to “More on Feeder 1.2.2”

  1. David Watanabe Says:

    I will add support for Feeder in the next release of NewsFire.
    Cheers, David.

  2. Steve Harris Says:

    Thanks David, that’s excellent!