Feeder 1.3

I released Feeder 1.3 yesterday and while the release notes and news page give an overview of what has changed, a proper explanation of the major new features requires more than a single bullet point.

In a nutshell, this release is about making life quicker and easier for both podcasters and regular feed creators, improving publishing support so that it’s easier to understand while being vastly more flexible and revisiting almost all of the application to make it look, work and feel better than ever.

I plan to take a closer look at some of the major new features on this blog to explain more about them and mention some tips and tricks hiding in the app. I will also be setting up a dedicated feed for these and other such articles.

Lastly, I really couldn’t release Feeder with my web site the way it was. The old design was actually my prototype from July 2004 when I first launched the business. I did a mockup in Photoshop, sliced up the images and slapped on some hurriedly written text figuring I could do it again properly a couple of months down the line. It was the difference between constructing a site in a day or two rather than spending a whole week on it.

It is always the way in IT that workarounds and stopgap measures instantly become permanent features and it’s much harder to undo them later. The new version of the site is faster, more compact, much more standards compliant (still working on some minor issues there) and just more up to date. I hope to make this blog match the main site, but if that sounds familiar I wrote the exact same thing just over a year ago. So don’t hold your breath.

Update March 22: I did the blog redesign. Whatever next! 😀

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