CocoaRadio Interview

Cocoa RadioBlake Burris interviewed me for CocoaRadio and this is now available on the CocoaRadio site. CocoaRadio is a podcast that features interviews with Mac OS X developers from around the world.

During the interview I talk about how I got into Mac development, what I did before Reinvented Software, tell a little of the story behind my apps and all sorts of other things besides.

So, if you want to all hear that plus me laughing nervously, check it out at If you need me, I’ll be hiding behind the sofa.

4 Responses to “CocoaRadio Interview”

  1. Jimi Says:

    Heard your Interview very nice, now some advice 🙂 Forget Updating KIT too many talented people fighting each other in that market. Hate when so many talent peeps all make the same app with different buttons. Let see something new like a good consumer VNC app, we aint got a decend one of them for some reason? Could make killing

  2. Rory Says:

    Thanks for the mention ^_^ Blake really needs to sort his audio levels out though I had to keep fiddling with the volume to hear his questions.

  3. Steve Harris Says:

    I know, I was trying to get him to do a double-ender, with us both recording in GarageBand and putting the two together – but he wasn’t interested.

  4. Dan Price Says:

    Just listened to your interview; nice job 🙂

    Another UK developer says hi!