Update on Updates

One thing that got lost from my long post the other day was a quick update on updates. Mostly because the post-MacZOT workload took up so much time and then I had a couple of trips planned this month, I’m a little behind.

I don’t normally announce dates publicly on this blog or elsewhere, but I often give an indication in support emails that I expect to release something within the next month, the month after, etc. Well, a quick glance at my news page will show that not much has been happening lately (apart from a small KIT update today) but I have lots of development work coming together, I’m just a couple of months behind.

I expect if I even so much as hint at any sort of timescale for updates to both my apps here, something new and unexpected will happen and I’ll be made to look a liar again. So, that’s all for now! 🙂

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