WWDC 2007

I’m flying out to San Francisco for WWDC 2007 (and some extra travelling) in a few hours. This will mean that I’ll be slower to answer emails over the next couple of weeks, but hopefully not that anyone will notice. Like the world would end, anyway! 😉

This is the first WWDC I’ve attended since 2003, when Apple showed us Panther, launched the original iSights (we all got a free one) and the PowerMac G5s, which would get faster and faster and, er, yes. So, this time it will be Leopard and who knows what else. Probably lots of talk about some phone, too.

Since about half the cost of the trip is actually getting to the US, I’ll be spending another week or so there travelling around, visiting friends and generally making a nuisance of myself. I’m really looking forward to it.

So, if you’re going, see you there and if not, I’m sure there’ll be plenty WWDC stuff on the internets to keep you occupied.

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