Feeder Now Requires 10.4 or Later

I released Feeder 1.4.9 earlier today, which includes some fixes for issues discovered in the GM version of Leopard and will add atom:link tags to all feeds. This was made a recommendation in the RSS Best Practices profile on October 15 and is now required by FeedValidator, which shows warnings for feeds that do not include it.

The other big change is that Feeder now requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. This has been the case anyway with the outstanding issue of compatability introduced by QuickTime 7.2, which Apple doesn’t seem in a hurry to fix. In order to make Feeder fully Leopard compatible, Panther had to go.

This was something I was planning to do anyway in the next major version as Panther support is holding Feeder back and my testing burden just doubled with the launch of Leopard. Panther usage is minimal these days, anyway.

One Response to “Feeder Now Requires 10.4 or Later”

  1. Andy Melton Says:

    Cool, thanks for the update! It’s weird to be between an old and new operating system. I guess I’m use to it since I refuse to upgrade to Visturd.