Together 2.0 – Notes for KIT Upgraders

Before I start posting about some of the features in Together, here are some more details for people upgrading from KIT. Together is my first 2.0 release, and not a free update, so I’ve tried to be very considerate to existing KIT users.

Together costs $39, KIT was $24.95 and an upgrade to Together is $14.95, roughly the difference in price. Anyone who purchased KIT in the three months preceding Together’s release (Aug 15 onwards) is entitled to a free upgrade. To get that, go to purchase Together as normal, choose an Upgrade license and enter your KIT registration code. There’s a form built into the store to email the code to you if you’ve mislaid it. You will then be told if you qualify for a free upgrade.

As Together is a paid upgrade and Leopard-only, KIT users won’t receive the usual Sparkle update notification (incidentally, Sparkle can’t handle name changes). Instead I reworked my pre-Sparkle software update mechanism to show an alert that a major new version is available (but you have to download this manually), a list of new features and the above pricing details. On this alert there is a “Skip Version” button that prevents the alert from being shown again.

Finally, I realise existing KIT users will want to try Together to see if it’s worth upgrading. Together’s library format is completely incompatible with KIT’s, and as it works with real files on disk, things could get seriously out of step if the two apps were used in parallel. So, on first run Together will offer to import your KIT library and will make copies of all the files. Once the import is completed you are given the opportunity to move your old KIT library to the Trash. If you want to keep using KIT or have any problems with the import process, you shouldn’t do that. You can also choose to defer importing until later.

2 Responses to “Together 2.0 – Notes for KIT Upgraders”

  1. David Says:

    I just downloaded your application and it looks great. As a long time Yojimbo user I’m excited about some competition in this area and your application has features that I find myself wanting in Yojimbo.

    Are you planning on developing a Quicksilver plugin?

  2. TommyW Says:

    Yay on a QS plugin…

    Just bought my upgrade license… 🙂