Together Tip: Preview Zip Files

Together’s use of Quick Look previews are really handy, allowing you to see preview documents you wouldn’t normally be able to see without opening another application or using the Finder.

As you may know, any delevoper can create a Quick Look generator for their file format, or in the case of this one, for a generic format not covered by Leopard’s built-in generators.

A developer, known as xdd, and a designer, Taiyo, created a Quick Look generator for ZIP files, which will also work in Together.


This is the great thing about Together now – any file you can preview with Quick Look, you can also view in Together. I think it is the only non-Apple app to show previews in its own interface right now.

One Response to “Together Tip: Preview Zip Files”

  1. Maciek Says:

    This one is just brilliant!