Together Tip: Importing Browser Bookmarks

A few people have asked how they can import their browser bookmarks as folders and files into Together. Together doesn’t have direct support for this yet, but there is a pretty easy workaround.

If you’re using Safari:

  • Show your bookmarks in Safari (Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks from the menu).
  • Drag the bookmark folders you want to import to the Finder.
  • Drag the folders from the Finder to Together.

You can also drag bookmarks (but not folders of bookmarks) from Safari directly to Together.

Note that when dragging folders from Safari to the Finder, it might take a moment for each folder to be created and you won’t see a copy progress bar.

If you don’t use Safari, you can export the bookmarks from just about any browser (and as an HTML file and import this into Safari. Safari will create a folder named “imported [date and time]” which you can then drag to the Finder, as described above.

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