Together Reviews and Interview on NosillaCast

Together gets a comprehensive review by Allison Sheridan on the Mac ReviewCast #137. It’s a great review, although Allison is unsure about the difference between folders and groups, most of the new features get a big thumbs up.

Allison also interviews me afterwards on her own podcast, NosillaCast, so I get to explain the difference between groups and smart groups, and also mention some future plans for Together and Feeder. Unfortunately, due to Skype woes, the sound quality of the interview wasn’t so great, so you can hear me clearly while Allison’s audio was very quiet. Normally it’s the other way around!

Update: Allison informs me that the audio is fixed, thanks to some late night work by Ambrosia Software, so now you can hear her ask the questions that I answer!

Also, Together was reviewed on MacApper last week and that seems favourable too.

I must be doing something right. 🙂

One Response to “Together Reviews and Interview on NosillaCast”

  1. Allison Sheridan Says:

    Steve – good news, I worked with the WireTap Studio guys and the recording is now much better, you can actually hear me ask the questions!