Together Tip: Syntax Coloring for Source Code Files

This is a slightly more obscure tip, but since I’ve been asked it a couple of times I thought it was worth posting.

If you work with source code, you may have seen the Quick Look plugin, QLColorCode. Together provides rudimentary editing of source code files, but with no syntax coloring. This means you will see Together’s built-in editor rather than a Quick Look preview when viewing source code files.

There is a way around this though, and that’s to disable Together’s source code editor. Right now you can’t do this in the app, you have to set a hidden preference in Terminal. First, quit Together, then enter the following line in Terminal:

defaults write com.reinvented.Together TRExcludedPlugIns -array-add com.reinvented.TRSourceCodePlugIn

The next time you launch Together, you should see source code files as Quick Look previews from the QLColorCode plugin.

To enable the Source Code plugin again, quit Together and use this command in Terminal:

defaults delete com.reinvented.Together TRExcludedPlugIns

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