Poster Review on NosillaCast

In case you missed it, Poster got a great review on Allison Sheridan’s excellent NosillaCast a week or so ago. Allison is also fairly unique in that there is a complete transcript of her audio podcast, so you can read as well as listen.

I authorized Poster to access my Flickr account and a beautiful window came up. It showed my uploaded photo in a pane on the left, and in the right sidebar it showed all of the meta data that goes along with a photo on Flickr. I could change the name, enter a description, enter tags, select a set to add the photo to, put it in a group and change moderation settings like privacy, safety, content type and accessibility to public searches. Rather than being utilitarian, the interface is what you’ve come to expect from great Mac software; simple, yet elegant. Even the tags autofill from YOUR tags you’ve used in the past.

Link: NosillaCast #293

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