Together 2.4

Together IconTogether 2.4 is now available from this web site and the Mac App Store. Most of the changes in this release are to make Together suitable for the Mac App Store, however there are some new features mentioned below.


OpenMeta LogoTogether now has support for OpenMeta tags. OpenMeta is a technology that allows applications to save metadata, such as tags, to the filesystem so that these may be searched by Spotlight and used by other applications.

In Together, OpenMeta tags will be imported as Together tags when files are first imported and any tags changed in Together will be updated in OpenMeta.

On first launch for existing users, Together will ask whether you would like it export its current tags to OpenMeta. For new users, this will be on by default.

There is no syncing of tags, so existing OpenMeta tags for files in Together’s library, or tags added in other applications after the files have been imported, will not be reflected in Together. Together will not overwrite any existing tags that it doesn’t know about.

Bookmark File Import

Together can now import standard HTML Bookmarks files, such as those exported by web browsers. In the case of bookmarks exported from Delicious, Together will also import the tags and comments. For bookmarks exported from web browsers, Together will preserve the folder structure used.

Search Bookmarks

Together can now perform content searching on bookmarks. Normally, Together uses Spotlight for all its content searching, but Spotlight does not index these files.

Mac App Store

Mac App Store iconTogether in the Mac App Store does not have the encryption feature. This is because for apps that use encryption, Apple requires US export licenses that I have yet to obtain. For a variety of reasons, it is possible I will drop this feature altogether in a future version of the app; there will be a migration path if that happens. A tool to decrypt files without Together is available on Together’s Downloads page.

Another change made for the Mac App Store, but which affects both versions, is that Together will now ask where to create its library on first run, regardless of which version you are using. This is because the Mac App Store restricts the creation of files outside of application-specific folders in the Library and Application Support folders. If you are an existing user, then you will not notice this change at all.

Finally, Together can no longer install its “Save PDF to Together” PDF service in the Mac App Store version. This allows you to print PDFs to Together by using the PDF button in the standard print panel. There is a small application that can be downloaded from Together’s Downloads page to install the service.

Together 2.4 requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later and is a free upgrade for all registered Together 2.x users. A full license costs $39.95 and upgrades from KIT 1.x are $14.95. Education and bulk discounts are also available when purchasing through the Reinvented Software store.

4 Responses to “Together 2.4”

  1. kit Says:

    Please, never cease to support STANDALONE distribution on your site of upcoming Together updates and upgrades.

    This is sick when Apple regulations force application development “because of distribution platform” instead of concepts and ideas to make product better and more useful. Damn I really hope that Mac App Store thing wouldn’t become major and the only way to get apps otherwise Mac OS X and all what we loved about macs before iToys are doomed…

  2. Fabian Says:

    Steve, thanks so much for implementing the delicious import and making Together’s tags OpenMeta-compatible!

    Please don’t remove the encryption feature – I’m using this at least 10 times a day!

  3. Dr Evan Mitchell Stark PhD Says:

    Thank you for Together; I’m a registered user.

    And thank you for new features.

    It’s a bit concerning, though, that you would need to, e.g., drop features like encryption, because of app store requirements. Echoing kit above, I would hope that Together remains available through your website.


  4. Lance Says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Do not remove encryption from the standalone version. I agree with all of the above comments. I store sensitive information in my library and require encryption for most of it.

    In addition, please don’t let Apple’s rules make you skimp on your application. I searched through every possible application that does what Together does, and none are as versatile as yours or would even work for my needs for that matter.

    Great job, and please keep up the good work 🙂