Poster Now Mac App Store Only

Poster is now available exclusively on the Mac App Store. There is still a 15-day demo available to download from this site, but it cannot be activated with a registration code and will not run after the demo period expires. Existing users have been transitioned to the Mac App Store version.

As my newest app, Poster was released a month or so before the Mac App Store went live. So few licenses have been sold through my site that it is not worth maintaining two versions of the app.

Also, unlike my other apps, Poster has never had educational or bulk discounts, and since the Mac App Store gained promo codes, I haven’t needed to worry about NFR licenses either. Now the Mac App Store is available worldwide, it’s my hope that making this transition will not inconvenience anyone.

One Response to “Poster Now Mac App Store Only”

  1. ron Says:

    please don’t make your apps exclusive on MAS. maybe you don’t care as percent of users against “locked innovations” and recent apple direction is small enough leave money on the table, but then – it’s sad to say goodbye.

    I’d pay twice for software i _use_ and don’t want apple to control me (even if most of you see they don’t..yet). leave as an OPTION, please.