Together Half Price on the Mac App Store until Aug 22

Together iconFollowing the launch of Together for iOS, the price of Together on the Mac App Store was reduced to $19.99 for four weeks as a way for people who’ve not yet upgraded to Together 3 to upgrade for the same cost as an upgrade, and for those who wanted to move from the direct version to the Mac App Store version to make the transition more affordably.

The Mac App Store version of Together is required to work with Together for iOS, as only apps sold through Mac App Store can use iCloud.

This half-price offer lasts until Friday, August 22. The related offer to supply free copies on the Mac App Store to anyone who purchased Together for Mac in the four months prior to the release of Together for iOS (from March 23, 2014 onwards) will continue beyond that time.

I previously offered Together half price on the Mac App Store following the release of Together 3 for the same reasons.

This is the last time I will run this offer for Together 3 on the Mac App Store and exceptions cannot be made on an individual basis, so if the offer is of interest to you, I recommend you take advantage of it now.

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