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InstantGallery 1.0

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

Have you ever wanted to put a gallery of photos on your site for people to see? InstantGallery, a new app from ThinkMac Software, makes it easy – just drag and drop images and in an instant you have a gallery to publish on the web.

What’s more, InstantGallery can generate photocast feeds, comes bundled with a collection of elegant themes and has all sorts of other thoughtful touches.

InstantGallery Screenshot

I’ve been lucky enough to play around with InstantGallery prior to its release and think it’s a really cool little app just dripping in potential. And at only $15, it’s a bargain too.

Check out the screenshots, sample galleries and demo movie on the InstantGallery page and good luck to Rory with this new application!

Update: Don’t just take my word for it, check out this great review at Tera and Bambi’s Mac360!

Boot Camp / Parallels

Friday, April 7th, 2006

I have resisted posting something about Boot Camp because what can I write that hasn’t already been written?

I’ve been Windows-clean now for almost 3 years, apart from the PC you use to find stuff in Borders bookstore and those temperamental touchscreen kiosks with messages saying “The file C:\whatever\something32.dll cannot be found”.

I’m more interested in Parallels because it keeps Windows in its own window and goes along with what I wrote when the whole Intel transition was announced in the first place (last but one paragraph).

There are lots of debates going on about whether Boot Camp is a good or bad thing, but let’s face it, it was inevitable that we should have Windows running on Macs after the transition to Intel, whether or not that was endorsed by Apple.

I see it as being very good for Apple’s market share just because it will make the transition a lot less daunting for some people and that must be good for all of us.

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Happy Birthday Apple!

Saturday, April 1st, 2006

Happy 30th birthday, Apple Computer!

  • There’s a good quiz on the BBC News site.
  • MacUser is running a series of articles on Apple’s history.
  • Wired has a collection of articles covering all sorts of Apple goodness from over the years.
  • Macworld is doing lots of stuff.

Here’s to 30 more!

Safari 2.0.3 Supports Enclosures

Friday, January 27th, 2006

This could be old news but I just noticed that the latest version of Safari (2.0.3) supports enclosures, which is something that used to bring me a lot of feedback (i.e. the enclosure doesn’t show up in Safari, must be Feeder’s fault).

Enclosures in Safari

While Safari doesn’t have any way to automatically download enclosures, this feature will help make more sense of podcast feeds and is very useful for appcasting feeds, as seen above (from my main site’s news feed).

Seasonality by Gaucho Software

Thursday, January 26th, 2006

Often on this blog or on my news pages I plug interesting and different podcasts whose feeds are created by Feeder, but since Feeder can create any RSS feed it’s nice to see it being used for the purpose that made me come up with the idea in the first place: to create a product news RSS feed on a web site (i.e. mine!).

Gaucho Software is now using Feeder to create news feeds and Seasonality, created by Mike Piatek-Jimenez, definitely counts as something interesting and different.

Seasonality Screenshot

Seasonality is a very impressive weather monitoring app that shows comprehensive summaries, forecasts, maps with satellite imagery and radar, graphs for temperature, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, daylight hours and local time. The best part is that it wraps all this information in a slick interface that is easy on the eye and has lots of neat tricks to keep everything manageable. Kudos!